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Susan Cordts Receives Outstanding Women in Business Award

Founder and CEO of Catalytic Health Partners, Susan Cordts, received the distinguished 2019 Outstanding Women in Business Award from the Phoenix Business Journal in recognition for her leadership, lifetime work, mentorship, and passion in empowering women and communities.

More than 500 Arizona business leaders and supporters gathered at the annual awards presentation on April 4, 2019, at the Fairmont Princess Hotel to celebrate women making a difference.

There were 270 nominations from which 25 selected honorees received the award this year. Judges evaluated the nominations based on three criteria: professional accomplishments, community leadership, as well as awards and milestones. They selectively looked for inspiring women who are blazing trails and impacting the community.

At the ceremony, Susan was asked what advice she would give to her 19-year-old self. She noted she would tell her that whatever she chose to do, it would be hard work but very rewarding. And she reminded everyone to never to forgot how you got to where you are in life, be gracious and grateful as we are here to help each other.

The Phoenix Business Journal asked Susan to share: What advice would you give to women who are seeking a leadership role?

She replied, “Be your authentic self. Don’t accept no, as there is always a path to yes. Be passionate and compassionate, as you do more when you lift others up than when you do only for yourself. You set the example for those that follow. If you are lucky, they will surpass you and do more than they ever imagined.”

Click here to read more about Susan’s recognition.


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