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CORE Population Health Management

Intensive In-Home Therapy

Offer alternatives to and transition from BHRF placement for adults

Stability and skills

BHRF placements can be expensive, both for individuals and for the healthcare system as a whole. Alternative options, such as community-based care or in-home support, can be more cost-effective while still providing high-quality care.

Intensive In-Home Therapy equips members with skills to navigate everyday triggers at home, fostering resilience and consistent engagement with community-based providers. Promoting personal growth and developing skills adapted to their needs and environment is crucial to a member’s path to a more stable life.

Life coaching
  • Members stay in their own home

  • Increased member satisfaction

  • Improved outcomes

  • Reduced cost of care

Key Features

Intensive in-home individual and family/support therapy

Mobile MAT by CHP providers

Coordinated transportation

Real-time and All-time access to non-emergency help

Intensive skill building, peer & social support services

Executed by an integrated
healthcare team

Joint attendance of medical appointments

Psychological medication management and stabilization

Addresses the
full Health Triangle

Member connectivity technology


At Catalytic Health Partners we take social and behavioral needs beyond the “basics” to ensure stability so that medical needs can be achieved.


Catalytic Health Partners includes mental health services and clinical encounters by credentialed providers support MLR.

Michelle L, Member

“The CHP team opened doors for me that were closed before so I could get the care I needed.”
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