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Superior population management
Decrease hospital and acute care utilization while increasing your star rating as well as your earnings

Optimize Your Member Population

Learn more about how we can optimize your member population management. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation:

(602) 802-8388 and (520) 276-5800

people + technology + data

At Catalytic Health Partners we’ve significantly innovated the population management model, in order to better serve both your members and your bottom line. Our unique approach combines personalized in-home face-to-face management with convenient digital connectivity and advanced, highly current analytics. The result is a comprehensive outcomes-oriented methodology that powerfully integrates all the relevant factors into a single unified plan for success.

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Caring and capable people are the key to success in population health management. Our employees are committed to the principles of compassion and efficacy, and are dedicated to delivering care with the utmost respect to plan members and their families.


Catalytic Health Partners empowers our members with innovative technology to support their success. Each member under care receives a personal health tablet with real-time access to the Catalytic Health Partner staff.


Healthcare is awash with claims data, denoting what has happened often a few months prior. By integrating today's clinical data with claims data on each member, Catalytic Health Partners is able to provide meaningful, timely intelligence to our staff and network partners, in order to enhance the care delivered on a real time basis.

Member Testimonials

“The CHP team opened doors for me that were closed before so I could get the care I needed.”

-Michelle L

“CHP provided really good service. Helped me with transportation and rental assistance. They helped with anything I needed.”

-Cody D

“CHP saved my life. If it wasn’t for CHP I would not be here today. CHP did not give up on me when my other doctors did.”

-Lorena C

“The CHP team makes things easier for me. They handle a lot of things with appointments and arranging transportation.”

-John B

“CHP answers any questions at any time and any day. They even provided me with resources for my utility assistance.”

-Rebecca B

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Phoenix, AZ 85027

Learn more about how we can optimize your member population management.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation:

(520) 276-5800 or (602) 802-8388

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