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CORE Population Health Management

Mobile Medication Assisted Therapy

Reach members where
they are consistently,
in-private with dignity

Supports most medications

Increase access to treatment for individuals who otherwise have difficulty accessing care due to geographic, transportation, or other barriers. By bringing Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) services directly to your members, you can make it easier for them to receive the care they need.

By providing Mobile MAT services, you may also reduce the stigma associated with receiving treatment at a facility, and through consistency, potentially reduce the risk of relapse and improve long-term recovery.

Nurse Talking to Patient
  • Improve adherence of treatment

  • Improved outcomes

  • Increase member satisfaction

  • Improve use of resources

Key Features

Not reliant on member transportation

At-home drug screening 

Addresses the
full Health Triangle

Medication provided by licensed clinician

Progress reviews and transition plan to community programs

Member connectivity technology

Relapse and trigger counseling and therapy

Executed by an integrated
healthcare team

Real-time and All-time access to non-emergency help


At Catalytic Health Partners we take social and behavioral needs beyond the “basics” to ensure stability so that medical needs can be achieved.


Catalytic Health Partners includes mental health services and clinical encounters by credentialed providers support MLR.

Michelle L, Member

“The CHP team opened doors for me that were closed before so I could get the care I needed.”
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