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602-802-8388    Arizona • USA

“CHP provides me excellent care with extra careful attention. They are very fast to solve my problems and help me find options.”

“The CHP program is outstanding and gives me the most phenomenal help. I have never felt more cared for by a medical team ever until I became a member with Catalytic Health Partners.”

“CHP is like my family. They helped me build confidence. They provided excellent services with an open mind and much needed to a person like me. CHP is like a loved family member who I can trust to help me.”

“The CHP team opened doors for me that were closed before so I could get the care I needed.”

“The CHP team is awesome. They helped me to go back to work, with housing, food boxes and toiletry items. They were there when I was down to help me back up.”

“I really liked that I saw the same team all the time; they didn’t change things on me. CHP helped me with my doctor visits; they even went with me. They even helped me to work on my anxiety when no one else had been successful.”

“CHP delivered on their promise to help when no one else did. They even helped me get glasses and dental care.”

“CHP provided really good service. Helped me with transportation and rental assistance. They helped with anything I needed.”

“There are no words to explain all the help from medical appointments to food boxes. They helped me in all aspects. Whatever I needed.”

“CHP saved my life. If it wasn’t for CHP I would not be here today. CHP did not give up on me when my other doctors did.”

“CHP helped me with food and bunk beds for my kids. They helped me manage my health and worked with my insurance to get my meds covered. They helped in all aspects. Great care.”

“It is amazing at what CHP will do for you. I would recommend them to everyone. Goodness knows where I would be without them.”

“They are very caring and helpful.”

“The CHP team makes things easier for me. They handle a lot of things with appointments and arranging transportation.”

“CHP answers any questions at any time and any day. They even provided me with resources for my utility assistance.”

“My CHP team was very helpful. They go out of their way to provide whatever I need.”

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