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CHP maintains a team of exceptional individuals who contribute a powerful combination of industry acumen and clinical assessment skills, an open heart and soul dedicated to great member outcomes, an ability to continually “see” the member and engage with them always in an approachable, compassionate manner. We continually seek candidates who bring forth knowledge with an abundance of kindness and empathy.

Successful team members demonstrate a softer “bedside manner” as they allay the fear, guilt, and uncertainty that many individuals experience in the face of major medical issues and challenges. Every individual on our team considers the member as a human being and not a case number or chart.  They value and accept every member for who they are – from their economic values to their belief and value systems, to their medical desires and choices.  To us, true healthcare is about listening to what lives inside our patient’s hearts, and helping them step forward on their path to well-being with confidence.

Position Summary

Central Operations Care Coordinator

Coordinator/Motivator/Engaged Listener

Become part of our team and make big differences in the lives of those you touch on a daily basis. The central operations care coordinator is the individual most frequently engaged with our members—listening to their needs, identifying and prioritizing issues, coordinating all the players, internal and external, to meet their needs, one by one. Organization and follow up on the details are your core DNA. You thrive on making all the pieces come together–all but seemingly naturally. You ensure that all the right actions are taken at the right time by the right person to make our solution tick—the quarterback carrying the football. Every member of our team plays a key and integral role in ensuring that our members succeed, and you are one of those rock stars. The Central Operations Care Coordinator has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out what they have only dreamed of prior—spending time with members to help them have the resources needed to meet their goals. You have an innate ability to accept the member without judgment or condition. You provide an abundance of personal, compassionate support as you apply your range of experiences from your heart and honor the member’s aspirations through every action and choice.

Essential Functions

  • Engage with members over the phone and via HIPAA compliant video-teleconferencing to understand and meet their needs. Instill confidence with each member with whom you speak that you are empathetic to their situation and serve as an advocate to meet their needs through identification and implementation of solutions.
  • Build rapport and relationships with all members of the CHP team, including the members. Serve as the conduit of information, sharing your knowledge and insights from all perspectives of a conversation. You are the central spoke of all the activity in the organization, hearing everyone’s thoughts and ideas.
  • Listen closely as members share their situation and triage appropriately based on the level and urgency of their needs. The level of urgency and details of their needs must be communicated accordingly to other members of the team to obtain the appropriate actions.
  • Schedule appointments with internal and external providers and organizations as needed to ensure members’ needs are being met.
  • Follow up with other providers to obtain medical records and information related to member’s prior appointments and services.
  • Work diligently with attention to detail in collecting of data and information to support clear and complete communications with others, minimizing rework and frustrations.
  • Communicate in a way that is understandable and engaging to the layperson. Comfort and encourage as you minimize the fear factor that is often prevalent in healthcare.
  • Maintain a level of curiosity and use active listening skills to help uncover potential unanswered questions and/or emerging physical or psychosocial issues.
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion in all actions and reactions with the member. Be available and responsive. Follow-up on any questions or issues in a timely, thorough manner.
  • Exhibit a willingness to grow and expand into other areas and pitch in as an active, supportive member of the CHP team whenever needed or asked.
  • Recognize and honor your role in the team care process. You are a front line point of contact, and a mentor and example and as such, aspire to represent CHP’s values, mission, and service promises in every action.

Minimum Requirements


We prefer all Central Operations Care Coordinators to have a high school diploma and telephone experience.


Our successful Care Coordinators have experience in a clinical environment and care deeply about others, desiring to meet their needs.


The Central Operations Care Coordinator will possess good personal engagement skills, remote assessment and triaging capabilities, and the ability to communicate the objective and subjective aspects of an engagement with others on the team in a manner to create the desired actions.


North Phoenix, AZ (Corporate HQ Office)

About Catalytic Health Partners

At Catalytic Health Partners (CHP), we are passionate about reshaping healthcare. CHP is a population health management organization with an unwavering focus on accountability and great member outcomes. We believe all members should determine their healthcare goals. Our role is to help them achieve those goals. Educating each member about their health, health issues, and treatment options – at their level of understanding – is core to our work. Our member care model brings three powerful elements together: people, technology, and data. We combine caring, personalized, in-home member engagement with convenient digital connectivity and advanced, highly current analytics. CHP turns data into information, information into insight, and insight into timely, exceptional and compassionate member care.

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