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CHP maintains a team of exceptional individuals who contribute a powerful combination of industry acumen and clinical assessment skills, an open heart and soul dedicated to great member outcomes, an ability to continually “see” the member and engage with them always in an approachable, compassionate manner. We continually seek candidates who bring forth knowledge with an abundance of kindness and empathy.

Successful team members demonstrate a softer “bedside manner” as they allay the fear, guilt, and uncertainty that many individuals experience in the face of major medical issues and challenges. Every individual on our team considers the member as a human being and not a case number or chart.  They value and accept every member for who they are – from their economic values to their belief and value systems, to their medical desires and choices.  To us, true healthcare is about listening to what lives inside our patient’s hearts, and helping them step forward on their path to wellbeing with confidence.

Position Summary

Licensed Practical Counselor

Facilitator | Listener | Guide

Join the frontline of our service team and use your nursing skills in a way that has profound impact to the member – the individual searching for an attainable path to their life goals in conjunction with their health and wellness aspirations. Our nursing care team is the face of CHP. You emulate and reflect our goal to reshape the healthcare experience in all of your actions and interactions with members. You are an advocate, an educator, and a compassionate voice of support and encouragement. You become a conduit to the member’s success – continually aligning and balancing their personal goals and plans with their economic means, wellness goals, and medical choices. You engage in the home environment as well as communicate remotely. The behavioral team works closely with the medical team in the management of cases, always considering both components in making decisions, as a single team, not separate ones.

Essential Functions

  • Engage directly and foster trusting relationships with members. Instill confidence as you help the member identify opportunities and work through past issues that may be causing conflict or stress in their lives. Communicate in a way that is understandable and accessible to the layperson. Comfort and encourage as you minimize the fear factor that is often prevalent in longer-term treatment care.
  • Provide behavioral counseling and therapy as needed in a supportive and beneficial manner, considering the member’s culture, background and needs.
  • Maintain a level of curiosity and use active listening skills to help uncover potential unanswered questions and/or emerging issues. Be creative in helping the member discover ways to reach closer to their goals.
  • Accountable for leading other team members in the formulation of goals with members that are based on the member’s personal desires, assisting the team in finding motivators for the members and rewards that are meaningful and inspiring to the member as well as aligned with the achievement and our mission.
  • Demonstrate empathy and compassion in all actions and reactions with the member. Be available and responsive. Follow-up on any questions or issues in a timely, thorough manner – even when the needs extend beyond “normal” business hours.
  • Keep comprehensive notes and records and be timely in reporting. Develop and maintain cohesive communication patterns with all team members with respect to progress, recommendations, and/or potential issues that surface as the member’s plans unfold. Protect information in relation to healthcare guidelines for behavioral health and HIPAA, while supporting the integration of care delivery and team building to support member.
  • Exhibit a willingness to grow and expand into other areas and pitch in as an active, supportive member of the CHP team whenever asked.
  • Recognize and honor your role in the team care process. You are the front line point of contact, and as such, aspire to represent CHP’s values, mission, and service promises in every action.

Minimum Requirements


All members of our nursing team are licensed to practice as an LPC in the state of Arizona, under the provisions of the Arizona State Board of Behavioral Health Examiners.


Our more successful LPCs have at least 2 years of clinical practice and some exposure to a variety of behavioral health conditions and the management thereof.

Knowledge / Skills / Abilities

The LPC comes to the overall management team as an open, flexible, and non-judgmental participant, and always keeps the member’s goals and needs at the forefront of any collaboration. The position requires an understanding of EMR solutions, adherence to HIPAA regulations and compliances, and practice within the federal, state guidelines for LPCs. Execution of daily tasks and reporting requires skill with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Maintain a “constant upkeep” mentality and philosophy and actively continue to learn and expand your knowledge of counseling techniques, treatments, and practices. CHP’s team is passionate about continuing education and chooses to challenge themselves to learn and grow – not only for their own benefit, but also for that of the members they serve.


Current Arizona LPC License and valid Arizona driver’s license.


Tucson (Pima County), Arizona

About Catalytic Health Partners

At Catalytic Health Partners (CHP), we are passionate about reshaping healthcare. CHP is a population health management organization with an unwavering focus on accountability and great member outcomes. We believe all members should determine their healthcare goals. Our role is to help them achieve those goals. Educating each member about their health, health issues, and treatment options – at their level of understanding – is core to our work. Our member care model brings three powerful elements together: people, technology, and data. We combine caring, personalized, in-home member engagement with convenient digital connectivity and advanced, highly current analytics. CHP turns data into information, information into insight, and insight into timely, exceptional and compassionate member care.

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